About Us

As the founder of AthleticScholarship.com, my partner and I have reached back to my own experiences as a collegiate football Student-Athlete, and I mean reach WAY BACK!!! I graduated from college the same year as John Elway and Dan Marino !!! In those days we had no internet or even video cameras so, how’d we get the word out to coaches and college recruiters? Ever heard of a Super 8 film? I had just enough money to send out five game films, five letters in five brown envelopes to five colleges. Pretty sad! I got a couple of call backs and made two campus visits. I did play college football but did I really end up playing in the right program and right university for me? We’ll never know because only five college coaches knew my name and that I was a pretty hard-hitting linebacker nick-named “WARHEAD”.

Today, with the global distribution of the internet and a huge inventory of digital video (YouTube) and software tools available to all of us, you can promote yourself well to coaches, to friends, to all your fans. Now the challenge is how to stand-out amongst all the noise out there so your game film and Student-Athlete profile and combine data gets noticed. That’s where AthleticScholarship.com comes in. We’re focused on the needs of Student-Athletes…...we’ve been there. How do we help you on your recruitment journey?

We offer a Dashboard where you can effectively aggregate and organize your photos and videos stored on a variety Social Media platforms including that include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Hudl, MaxPreps, school sites, and Student-Athlete's personal sites. If a coach wants to see your stuff, send them your Dashboard link! And we have tools that allow you to push out and send great visual content to coaches and all the fan’s in your personal audience.

We do not charge Student-Athletes. Period. Never will!

Our motto is: “You have no chance of getting a scholarship unless the coaches know who you are and what you can do !!”

And coaches and recruiters come to AthleticScholarship.com to discover talent. We’ll help you be seen and to shine!!

Graham Heal (Grad 1983')