How to get an American Football Scholarship

Posted on Jul 23, 2013 in Athletic Scholarships

Football Scholarships

Are you a Football athlete looking to gain a Football Scholarship? This section will help you understand what an American Football Scholarship consists of.

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Universities and colleges award Football Scholarships to the most talented Football players, which enables the athlete to participate in collegiate, intercollegiate matches and even national championships.

Majority of an institutions Athletic Scholarship budget is spent on American Football Scholarships. Football games are televised on national and international television, so start to imagine you self as a star college athlete.


When is the best time to get a American Football Scholarship?

The optimal time to obtain a Football Scholarship in the USA would be immediately after high school graduation and within two years after. Athlete eligibility to compete within college leagues is between ages 18 and 24. If you surpass this age category, you will be looking at competing in the NAIA. It is becoming increasingly popular for college coaches to commit to working with younger athletes to observe their development until they are ready for college. Depending on the college degree you wish to obtain, it is optional to attend college in the USA for one, two, three or even four years. This will depend greatly on whether you are seeking a bachelor degree or your masters.

We would highly recommend getting a head start on the rest of the field and applying for your Athletic Scholarship as early as possible, who knows, you could be turning professional after college.


Football Scholarships – How good do you have to be?

Athletic Football Scholarships are in high demand. Although, they can easily be obtained if you are marketed correctly to the right people. To maximise your opportunities and offers, we recommend you to participate in as many National tournaments as possible. When we developed your marketing strategy for college coaches, these tournaments and results will help display the high level you can compete at.

In order to gain opportunities and receive higher Scholarship offers, we recommend you connect with Athletes USA. It is important that you try to participate more in national tournaments in the time prior to starting U.S college. This will show college coaches that you are able to compete at a high level.

Coaches like to watch an athlete develop as they will be able to recognise their potential. College coaches will analyze an athletes sports CV, their video footage as well as photographs and the recommendation of Athletes USA. They provide these tools for the coach as they can see how your potential with their training methods will maximise your talent.

To find out whether you have what is takes to obtain a Football Scholarship, please complete the Athletes USA free application form,¬†Apply Now, so the team can evaluate your potential as a future college athlete. If their team recognise your potential and talent, you will be invited to join their Exclusive Program. A sports consultant will go through everything you need to know about the Athletic Scholarship process. If you are not invited to join one of our program’s, you can still use their Free Web Promotion to advertise yourself to college coaches and gain your own Athletic Scholarship.


Football training on a Football Scholarship program

If you gain a Football Scholarship you will be expected to train with the team for around 4-6 hours a day 5 times a week. This would consist of Football field training and in addition to this, it is likely you will be expected to take part in strength and conditioning training.

If you feel you would like to further your conditioning and fitness, Athletes USA has affiliates and partners to help us support you in preparing your self to be in optimal physical condition required for you to be competitive at college.

It isn’t uncommon for Football coaches to be paid in recognition of their winning performances. This means that Football training can seem highly intense and rigorous, especially to internationals. This is probably a new method of training and working out than you are use to, however it is very effective it assisting athletes to reach new levels of fitness and performance. This method of training sets college athletes up to proceed to the professional league after university.


The Football season

The Football season always begins in winter (Fall Term/ August). If you are looking to join a Football college team you need to be signed to the college team around a year before.

Football National Championships

Men: NCAA I+II: November / December NAIA: November